Rehabilitation & Wellness

The aging process, illness, and injury are inevitable experiences everyone faces. Loss of physical function reduces the ability to perform daily tasks and significantly impacts happiness and mental well being.      

Pisgah Therapy offers skilled therapy services for physical dysfunction from acute and chronic illness or injury. We also assess adaptive equipment and assistive technology needs and provide wheelchair seating and positioning services. Treated conditions include but are not limited to:

  • stroke

  • orthopedic surgery and joint replacement

  • spinal cord injury

  • arthritic conditions

  • amputation management

  • Parkinson's disease

  • COPD

  • cardiac conditions

  • diabetes    


Staying active and healthy is the best prevention against illness and injury. Pisgah Therapy offers a personalized plan for general health and wellness for those who want to maintain or improve their health to remain independent in the home.


Pisgah Therapy utilizes evidence-based practice to provide skilled occupational therapy services conveniently in your home incorporating functional activities as part of the therapeutic process for recovery. Let us help you regain function to remain safe and independent in the home.