Cognitive-Perceptual Training

The normal aging processes, disease, and illness can affect cognitive-perceptual function that can have a severe impact on safety and independence with daily living at home and with participation in the community. Older adults may also experience decreased sensory-perceptual function that decreases safety and independence. Pisgah Therapy provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment of cognitive and/or sensory impairments ranging from mild to severe.   

Older adults often experience a decline in cognitive function and the loss of sensory-perceptual function as a normal part of aging or by neurological disease or injury. Pisgah Therapy offers skilled occupational therapy evaluation and treatment for cognitive-perceptual impairment including but not limited to:

  • dementia (mild to severe cognitive impairment) 

  • stroke

  • Parkinson's disease

  • low vision/macular degeneration

  • neuropathy and decreased sensation in limbs

  • balance impairment

  • diabetes

Pisgah Therapy utilizes a client-centered approach to treat cognitive-perceptual impairment including safety awareness and problem solving skills, functional skills training, use of assistive technology and adaptive equipment, and environmental modifications to maximize safety and independence.  Furthermore, comprehensive caregiver education can be provided to help care providers better manage and assist those with cognitive impairments.

Please watch the video for more information on cognitive impairment, function and safety: