Caregiver Education and Training

Pisgah Therapy, PLLC provides extensive caregiver training and education to family members and/or hired caregivers to maximize the safety and well being of both the patient and the caregiver.  With proper training and skills, the caregiver can reduce demands and effort required without compromising patient safety and quality of care.

Safety: Patient safety is a primary concern of caregiving. This is especially true with patients having cognitive limitations from stroke, dementia, etc. Pisgah Therapy, PLLC provides effective training and solutions for:

  • Fall Prevention

  • Wandering/getting lost

  • Emergency mitigation and response

  • Vision, memory, and communication impairment

  • Environmental modifications

Reducing Caregiver Burden: Caregivers have an extremely demanding role providing for the safety and well being of patients. Risk of emotional burnout and physical injury is high without proper caregiver education. Pisgah Therapy, PLLC provides effective training and solutions for:

  • Caregiver strain and physical injury

  • Caregiver exhaustion and burnout

  • Safe care routines for activities of daily living

  • Promoting increased patient independence

  • Handling patient resistance to care

  • Energy conservation/work simplification

Please watch the video for more detailed information on Pisgah therapy, PLLC caregiver education services: